Road Trip Pit-Stop New Orleans

This past weekend my husband and I drove from Houston to Orlando to celebrate my birthday with a trip to Disney. It was an exhausting, expensive and totally amazing 100% worth it, would do it again in a heart beat experience.

We decided to drive overnight Thursday once he got home from work. He got home a little early and we set out, 14 hours and change to go. Hour 5 we make our way south from Baton Rouge to New Orleans for a little gambling and Bourbon street. We gamble for about an hour at a casino just outside of the Big Easy. We win ourselves about fifty bucks, and then promptly get too excited and lose it right back.

To Bourbon Street! Now, getting to parking is slightly easier than you might expect provided you are aware that your GPS will try and literally take you down Bourbon Street. Which, by the way, is not actually a drive-able street. It’s blocked off for one, and for two it’s full of a zombie like horde of schnockered people. But we eventually found our parking garage, full disclosure the streets all around it are a mess. We’re talking old cobblestone and brick, do NOT go down these streets quickly, or in anything that doesn’t have at least 5 inches of clearance.

We walk the two blocks to Bourbon Street and the first thing that gets you is the smell. The air is saturated with stale beer, and vomit. But the good news is it’s only nauseating for the first 10 minutes, then you get two drinks and you care a little less. Walking up and down this street it seems as if it goes on forever, it just keeps going and going and going. Plus, to add insult to injury for all the inebriated folks stumbling around some of the food stops repeat themselves. We walked five blocks of Bourbon Street and saw the same number of “Willie’s Chicken Shack” it’s as though Bourbon Street is specifically designed to keep you drinking and stumbling and confused about your location.
Strip clubs and cheap drinks abound, it’s no wonder this street is so infamous. You’re talking $3 beers being pricey, I haven’t see $3 beers on a night out since we left the Midwest. Well, we avoided those typical things and instead got a grenade. A notorious classic on Bourbon Street, and most online reviews state that two is the absolute maximum of this little buggers. After drinking one, two honestly might be too many. Those lil sons o’ b*tches pack a mighty punch. I didn’t start to feel anything until about halfway through and then lord have mercy it was too late. Worst part is, they taste good. I mean like, yea there’s clearly alcohol in it but not so much that you feel like you’re breathing fire.

So grenade in hand we continue our stroll up and down the Big Easy’s famous Boulevard. I could watch people on this street for years. It was an amazing plethora of people. Different in every way and all over, Bourbon Street got turnt up. It was awesome.

We stopped at a few of the less reputable establishments as well. I wasn’t overly impressed, but then again I don’t think the decor is what I’m supposed to be focused on. However, it was a lot of fun and I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Strip clubs are a much more common thing on Bourbon Street and the environment is a lot less intimidating when you’re not the only girl who isn’t on-stage. There were at least five other couples, of various ages as well as a bachelorette party.
After a couple hours hanging out in the party capital of the south we walked back to the car and continued our journey. My husband began the second leg of our journey and one grenade and a beer down I promptly fell to sleep.

But we will definitely be planning a New Orleans trip.

Disclaimer: My husband did not drink while we were on Bourbon Street. He bought one beer and carried it around so he wouldn’t look weird, but I drank it.


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