Culinary Adventure: Crawfish Boil


In the southeastern portion of the state of Texas from the end of February until April it’s Crawfish season. It’s a huge deal, it’s very short, and everyone from the southern coast loses their mind of this little critters. I’ve lived in Houston for three crawfish seasons and have yet to go, so on a recent Sunday my husband and I took the plunge.

We decided to go to Guidry’s Cajun Kitchen in Deer Park, Texas. A small town surrounded by a lot of industry just outside of Houston. We’d read plenty of reviews and thought it would be the best place to try this little red things for the first time.

When we got there their were cars and people everywhere, a good sign. Outside they have four huge picnic tables to sit at, which was perfect because I couldn’t imagine a world where crawfish were meant to be eaten inside. We ordered two pounds, one mild for me and one 1X spicy for my husband. Couple ears of corn, a potato, and some sausage to toss in the boil as well.


Our food came out relatively quickly, less than 15 minutes, which I thought wasn’t bad considering I’m not sure how long crawfish cooks. We ordered three boudin balls as appetizers and those things were freaking delicious. I almost didn’t want to try crawfish, just order a few more boudin balls.

So, our crawfish comes out in these two big trays (separated, mild and spicy, for obvious reasons). Little weird looking critters just chillin… waiting for me to tear them apart and dip them in butter. It was honestly a little weird, because it is the full body. So it’s an “eww” moment you have to get passed. It took me a couple seconds to find the courage to pick one up, because they don’t look dead.

Alright, to eat a crawdad you pinch the head where the tail meets it and pinch the tail up next to that juncture. Then you twist, and pull the two apart. Toss the head in your trash pail.

Take the tail and peel back some of the top of the tail joints. Grab the meat that’s visible and pinch the base of the tail and just pull the meat out. Ta-da! You’re left with this little junk of meat slightly smaller than a lil smokie. Dip that sucker in butter and toss it back. Tasty.

Now, repeat.. and repeat… and repeat (X30)

It’s a lot of work getting to the tasty meat of the mini-lobsters but it’s worth it. It’s also the only time you can say, “I’ll take five pounds.” and not sound like a complete fatty. The potatoes, sausage, and corn that they boil along with the crawfish are just as delicious. Definitely get several of those as well, the flavors are awesome.

All in all I enjoyed our cajun adventure, it was fun. I don’t think I’ll be going all the time though, a little too much work for not a lot of reward. But, tis the season!


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