Henry’s Hard Soda

“Live Hard-ish”
I’ve tried both varieties of Henry’s Hard Soda that are currently available. Ginger Ale was ok, it’s rather bitter and tastes strongly of alcohol. It’s not like a ginger beer, but it’s too harsh to really be a ginger ale. Although, I could be biased because I’m not a fan of ginger ale to begin with.

However, the Orange Soda is the business. I would suggest locking this stuff up because it looks like a fancy soda and it tastes like Fanta. There’s a little bit of an alcohol bite back, but it’s only enough to alert you that you are in fact NOT drinking a Fanta. It’s fantastic, it’s so light and refreshing just like a regular orange soda.

“Henry’s hard soda is a delicious adult beverage made with soda, alcohol, and real cane sugar. And just the right amount of each, because hey, we know you have stuff to do tomorrow.”
I highly recommend getting a six pack of this next time you have a family BBQ. It’s perfect for just that sort of thing.

Seriously though, keep a careful eye on this stuff. You don’t want an unsuspecting kid to take a bottle, or mix your cup up with theirs. It really is that good.

 Live hard-ish.


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