Baby Time

I have an announcement: I’m pregnant.
Today is 16 weeks, which translates into four months. Now, to bring you up to speed…

I knew almost immediately, I just had a feeling. Mostly that feeling was that my boobs hurt like they’d never hurt before, but it was enough of a hint that I was pretty sure. Which happened basically the day of conception, so sometimes you just know. However, I didn’t officially find out until I was “5 weeks” because pregnancy tests aren’t accurate any earlier than that. I did take one that was negative, and then five days later took another that was positive.
Initially it’s really hard to adjust to pregnancy, there’s so much that instantly changes. No more alcohol, deli meat, soft cheeses, sushi, or fun. That’s what it feels like anyway, and you become so deathly paranoid of everything you eat. “Is this burger cooked enough? Did I was the lettuce enough? Is that mold?” It’s crazy how much you are all of a sudden so focused on every detail of your meals.

For me it’s been difficult to “feel” pregnant. I didn’t have any morning sickness, besides a couple slight bouts of not feeling so great. But I never threw up, and had I not known I was pregnant I wouldn’t have ever guessed I was. Most of my early pregnancy symptoms I could have attributed to a number of other things, staying up late or eating something slightly old. For most women it’s not like that, and I will tell you that I have yet to really “feel” pregnant.  Just don’t read a whole bunch of things and freak yourself out.

Toward the end of my first trimester I was super moody and short-tempered, ask my husband. I was a peach to be around. The worst part about being so irrational and moody and sensitive is that, for me at least, I knew I was being ridiculous. I just honestly couldn’t help it. I basically had the temperament of a spoiled toddler, complete with the crying at nothing.

Now I’m entering my second trimester, not too much has changed. My mood swings are gone which is nice, but they’ve been replaced by an unprecedented level of gas. You’d be amazed at how comfortable you get farting in front of your husband, and I don’t mean little toots, hehe I tooted, toots. No, I mean I am a construction worker that’s had nothing but bean burritos for three days farts.

Other symptoms include painful knees, random abdominal twinges, the ever constant need for a nap, and an increase in unwanted attention and advice from family members. All things considered though I’m very happy with my pregnancy, it’s been about as easy of one as I could hope for and for that I am grateful.

The most difficult thing that none of the books discuss is how obnoxious your very well-meaning family members will get. Although, that’s another post in and of itself. I’ll be posting regularly on my pregnancy journey, so stay internet connected. And remember Nothing’s Better than realizing you’re making a little person.


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