Maternity Clothes!

I finally did the thing I was dreading and went and got some maternity clothes. I don’t necessarily need them as of yet, but my pants were getting too uncomfortable. I went with a friend to Destination Maternity because I figured if I was going to go for it I was going to do it right.

Just for us newbies out there, all sizes are small medium or large including pants. You’re also supposed to buy whatever size you were before you got pregnant, pretty simple. I was actually very impressed with this particular store. They even have a fake “7-month” belly in the dressing rooms for people like me who aren’t big and round yet. You can try the clothes on and you’ll go; “hmm, yea it fits now but will it fit right later?” Then you velcro that big fake belly on and the clothes magically fit over that too!

Before I never understood all those stories about women who never got out of their maternity clothes after the baby was born. I was always like, why would you want to stay in the frumpy clothes perpetually? UNTIL I TRIED THEM ON. This sh*t is like wearing socially acceptable pajamas all the time. The jeans I bought? As comfortable as my yoga pants, but BUT look just like regular jeans. Shirts are thick enough that you don’t have to buy an additional cami to go under neath them. Tank top and dresses have straps wide enough a real bra will go unnoticed. Pregnancy clothes are the clothes women search for all the time. I think it’s because pregnant women do not have the patience to try on the bullcrap clothes women are usually forced to choose from.

It was great shopping experience, everything fit, everything was comfy, it was awesome. My two bits of advice: First bit of advice is that going with a friend is important because initially it is really awkward searching through all the elastic waists. Second bit is to sign up for their email list before you go, because they send out coupons. Their prices are reasonable but buying enough clothes for 6 months is still not cheap.

Nothing’s better than being comfy, especially when you’re pregnant. Embrace the elastic.


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