Prenatal Visits

I recently had another doctor’s appointment for the little pomegranate, (that’s how big baby is this week), growing inside me.  Now, I fully understand the importance of having regular prenatal care and being monitored by a doctor to ensure the health and well-being of both mother and child.
HOWEVER, I think these appointments are kind of silly. I just think that they could be doing more than weighing me, taking my blood pressure, listening to baby’s heartbeat, and then poking my stomach for about 15 seconds. Really, these appointments take like 10 minutes once you’re in there. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly want what is best for my child. But I feel they could be doing a couple other things each appointment that would make me feel less like a slight waste of time. Give me a diet plan, or an exercise goal or something just so I feel less on my own about the whole rest of being pregnant. I’m sure there are many other low-risk mothers out there like me that feel their appointments are too short and other than hearing baby’s heartbeat and getting the “yup, everything looks good” from the doctor they seem like a waste of time.

Now here’s something nobody ever mentions, those ultrasound photos everyone gets? Yea, no. You get TWO ultrasounds a pregnancy. TWO. I was really disappointed when I found this out. Not that I expected one every appointment, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think they’d be more frequent than TWO the whole time.

If anyone out there is like me you spend about half an hour every night laying as still as possible trying to figure out if your baby is wiggling or if you have to fart. Which, frustratingly enough, it is surprisingly difficult to distinguish between the two. Thus far I am fairly positive I have felt my baby move once. It hasn’t happened since, but like my husband says I’ve got several months of wiggling to look forward to regardless. Although Nothing’s better than the little jolt I got when I realized what that little movement had to be.


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