So. Many. Things.

When you get pregnant with your first child it’s an awesome and frightening feeling. Then slowly the reality of being a parent sets in, which is cool and also freakishly scary. As a new parent you’ve got a bajillion thoughts running through your mind, but here’s one you probably haven’t thought all the way through yet: the registry.

That’s right, baby needs a new pair of shoes… and clothes, and diapers, and pacifiers, and a crib. I don’t think you fully understand. Imagine tomorrow morning you wake up and you are COMPLETELY naked laying on the floor of a COMPLETELY empty house/apartment. I mean vacant, no furniture, no clothes, not even a stray can of Campbell’s to tide you over. Because that’s essentially your baby, they will arrive butt naked with nothing of their own. Your job is to figure out what you need for this little human, and then make sure you’ve got it all.

A task that is not as easy as you would expect. What does a tiny human need? It’s not the same things a grown up human needs to survive, (jeans, t-shirts, wine, quality gouda), none of that is gonna work for this little bundle of joy. There are simple things like bottles and diapers, and you think you’ve got it under control right?


Normally your family and family-in-law bother you and feed you too much advice but this time you’re going to want to take their word for it. They’ll tell you what you’ll need, and what they would have found helpful. They’ll tell you all about the crap you don’t need too. They’ll be a big help sorting through the madness that is an online registry for someone who isn’t even here yet. So ask for their advice, and listen to it, (and throw some of it out), and do your absolute best to register for everything you possibly can ahead of time. But be aware there will be things you forget, or don’t realize you want or need until AFTER the little cutie pie blows chunks all over your new suit. (Dry cleaning gift cards anyone?)

So don’t stress about the registry, Babies R Us actually makes it fairly easy with their “registry checklist”. A little family advice, a checklist, and the realization that you get to pick out twice as many clothes now will help you through.

Nothing’s better than feeling prepared…


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