Baby Wiggles

At this point, nearly 24 weeks, baby has made its presence known. We’ve seen baby on the ultrasound, but more than ever now I feel baby. My little one is oddly regular in the timing of their movements. Which makes it easy for me to show my husband.Usually the movements are strongest around bedtime, 9:30 or 10 o’clock.

Mostly I deal with quick jabs and kicks, like a boxer warming up. While baby might only be the size of a Barbie doll and weigh a little over a pound these warm-up routines can still be pretty forceful. If it catches me just right a quick kick to the side of my stomach will surprise an, “oof”, out of me. Last night baby decided to roll over and press, what I assume, was their head against my stomach and create a weird little bulge for like 10 minutes.

The kicks and punches are growing steadily stronger with more and more of them being noticeable while I’m going about my daily business. Night time movement is so strong that I often can’t fall asleep until after baby has. I image the sixth and seventh month of pregnancy will be the most noticeable for movement. Since that’s when baby will be big enough to do some serious dancing, but not so big that they’ve run out of room.

Now that my husband can feel and see the baby’s movements I think the pregnancy got much more real for him. Feeling baby kicks is exciting for him, he thinks it means baby will be a little martial artist like him. But watching baby kicks? Now that freaks him out. We can lay in bed, or sit on the couch when baby is most active and watch my stomach jump and lurch as our little one uses my insides as a speed bag. Baby isn’t much in the way of just casually rolling, so we just get to see jumping bits of movement as he/she practices their karate.

I personally like watching my stomach move. It makes what I’m feeling on the inside more real. It gives me a pretty clear image of the fact that there is a tiny little human in there growing and learning how to move. It’s all so fascinating, and weird, and crazy, and just about too strange for words.
That’s certainly something about pregnancy most women don’t mention. It is the craziest, weirdest, strangest, most difficult to wrap your head around thing that you can go through. But Nothing’s Better than poking at baby, and having baby land a swift kick to the inside of your ab muscles.


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