Life at 25 weeks

At the start of this week I was 25 weeks pregnant, approaching the end of my 2nd trimester. Exciting and upsetting at the same time because it means we’re almost done. At this point in my pregnancy I’ve learned a few things, things that would have been nice to know at the beginning of this adventure.

The level of tired that I’ve reached is so very real, I’ve honestly never spent more time being tired. I go to sleep tired, wake up tired, and around 2 or 3 in the afternoon I can barely keep my eyes open. It’s difficult to deal with because I am sleeping enough, or at least I’m spending enough time in bed with the intention of sleeping. The problem is that I’m far enough along now that I’m “technically” not supposed to sleep on my back, which is how I like to sleep. So, I tend not to sleep well or for long stretches because I’m busy trying to stay on my side. Buying a pregnancy pillow early on would have made things easier, I could have trained myself how to sleep on my side before sleep became such a pressing and desirable commodity.

Healthy, easy recipes are few and far between. What is healthy is not necessarily easy to make, and what is is not necessarily tasty. I tend to run through the same four recipes every week. If I would have known about the intense level of sleepiness I would have planned some pre/half prepared healthy meals ahead of time. I would have also tried out more recipes so that I could have practiced them and been able to make them quicker and without as much hassle. It’s harder than you think since your cravings and your level of sleepiness can nearly convince you out of anything healthy you’re trying to make.

Massages, initially you don’t need them but as you get bigger and rounder your body changes and things start to get sore and hurt. A general tiredness in the legs and ankles is the biggest one for me. I can often enlist my husband to gently rub the soreness out of my legs and feet, but having a professional give me a full body massage once a month would be awesome. So just buy a membership at the beginning, and head off any problems you might develop. Remember though to make sure the masseuse is certified and experienced in dealing with prenatal massages.

All in all my pregnancy has been fairly easy. At least, it seems that way when I read all the terrible soreness and side effects that I could have had to deal with. It makes the ones I do have seem easier, because I only have a couple instead of those pour women that deal with ALL of the possibilities. Only a few more months though and all this will be over. Then I’ll be a veteran at this baby making game and know exactly how to handle the next go around.


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