Baby Preparation: Baby crap

Babies need a lot of crap.

No, like, more crap than you ever thought a person so small could possibly need. Take the amount of crap that you have, now add it to all your husbands crap and then multiply that by whatever number sounds good and you’ll have roughly half the crap your baby needs

Recently we had my baby shower, it was super fun and we have amazing friends and family. But it lead me here, to this place of “Oh-my-goodness-cheese-and-crackers-how-much-crap-does-baby-need??!!” The answer is, a crapton.

Sure you know the basics, lots of diapers and bottles and little cute clothes. But boy does it not stop there. In the weeks since the shower we’ve tried to get just the basic baby necessities. The holidays are coming up and we didn’t want to compound Christmas with a bazillion baby purchases. So, here is the list of things we have bought to prepare for our impeding arrival: Crib, changer, crib mattress, crib mattress pad, changing pad, baby bedding set, changing pad cover, bassinet, bassinet pad cover, dresser, shelving, stroller, car seat, carseat travel bag, seat protector, crib bumper, and a mobile. Now, that’s 17 major things for those of you keeping score at home. That’s not even including the things that our wonderful friends and family gave us as shower gifts: High chair, baby swing, pack and play, diaper bag, diaper genie, baby bath tub, and a tummy time mat. That’s another 7, large purchases, (things over $25).

That’s 24 major items, 24. We did our best and scoured all the deals and compared prices at different stores and websites and were able to get all that madness for about $16 over our budget. Which was damn near a divine miracle, let me tell you. No one is ever prepared for how much baby costs them just in stuff. Our shop smart strategy was helped by me being able to find a crib that has an attached changer, with drawers underneath!, that also came with a changing pad. The other budget friendly helper was that we exneighed a regular dresser and bookshelf, opting instead for a cubby shelf and a canvas closet door shoe rack. That little adjustment alone saved us somewhere in the neighborhood of $500.

Now that we have all of our major items purchased, and mostly out of the box and put together. We needed to look at our smaller item list; onesies, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, baby grooming, shampoo, lotion, the list could go on indefinitely. While we received a ton of this smaller stuff at our shower, (shout out again to awesome friends and family), there’s still much more we need. I’ve been told that a baby will *easily* go through 10 diapers and three onesies a day. By that count we can manage about two weeks if we don’t want the baby to be clothed every day.

Clearly we need more clothes, diapers, and wipes. Now, let me tell you my smart shoppers strategy here, the holidays are coming up (it’s November 5th) baby is due at the end of January. Most of you are probably thinking I’m going to hit the black friday sales hard, right? Wrong. Don’t fall into that trap, black friday sales are great but only for large items. The deals you typically get on little stuff are not worth the rush, line, waking up early, standing in the cold, fight that you have to go through. I tell you this to help you. You must wait, after black friday, after Christmas. Trust me, go shopping about a week after Christmas, and then toward the middleish end of January. Shoppers quit shopping in January, they just stop. Plus, stores have often over ordered certain items in anticipation of the Christmas rush, items that now take up valuable Valentine’s day shelving. These things all quietly go on sale, these are the sales you want.

Watch the sales, but seriously evaluate them, don’t get caught up in the post turkey haze of black friday. Do your research now, know how much onesies and diapers cost so when those sales come out you’re knowledgeable and prepared.



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