New Year’s Resolutions

The start of a New Year is always when people make grand plans for how they’re going to change their lives for the better in the coming year. Plans often so grand people don’t often stick to them. Lucky for me, most of my New Year’s Resolutions revolve around a small human who will likely let me know *loudly* when I’m not keeping up.

First: To have a healthy baby. I’ve been working on this one for awhile, but staying strong until the end is important. Plus, it means I’ll start the year off with an accomplished resolution.

Second: To breastfeed baby until the end of the year. From everything I’ve read, WHO, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, pamphlets from my doctor, a year is the key point for benefits for baby. In order to keep this goal I have a breast pump, which will allow me to feed baby awesome breast milk even when it’s not me doing the actual feeding. That way dad, grandparents, or babysitters can still be feeding baby nutritious boobie milk even when I’m not around. I also have an extremely supportive husband when it comes to breast feeding. He is on-board for the proven benefits and because it’s cost effective. (our insurance supplied our breast pump, be sure to look into whether your insurance covers a portion or all of a breast pump.) Most of the proven benefits of breast-feeding are a better immune system, mother-baby bonding, lowered risk of obesity, knowing your kiddo is getting exactly what they need, lower risk of allergies, and bonus mom burns about 500 calories a day just producing breast milk. A useful fact that leads me to my next resolution

Third: Lose the baby weight! This resolution is more in-line with what most other people start doing this time of year. Lucky me, getting pregnant has already forced me into healthier eating habits. That’s one hurdle down, check. Getting pregnant combined with the release of Pokemon Go has also got my husband and I into the habit of walking everyday. Check two. Eating healthy and exercising more, the two vague resolutions that everyone shoots for are already being met I just have to keep it going.

I am of the opinion that the reason most people don’t stick to their resolutions is that they’re too vague, or too large of a goal and they don’t keep adequate track of their small successes. So, let’s break this down.  When I got pregnant I weighed 133 pounds, I currently weigh 180. Whew, that’s right folks I gained 47 pregnancy pounds. I could have totally kept it in better check buuuut that’s a conversation for another time.

47 pregnancy pounds! Now I need to lose those bad boys sooner rather than later, cause the longer they stick around the stickier they are. Let’s be reasonable and realize that it took me nine months to put all that on, so it’ll probably take just about as long to take it all off. That’s 47 pounds to lose in 40 weeks, assuming baby weighs at least 7 pounds, that’s 40 pounds in 40 weeks. A totally doable thing.

Fourth: To have a monthly date night with my husband, and starting in April that night is completely baby free. One night a month to refocus on me and him and us and our relationship. To center ourselves and remember how it was we decided to make a tiny person in the first place.


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