January 24th-Due Date

Months of hard work, trips to the bathroom, weight gain, mood swings, and dietary restrictions have led us here. It’s finally the day that everyone has been waiting on, The Due Date. The day doctors said Baby Parsons would finally arrive, except… Baby Parsons is not here and has given no signs that they plan on arriving today at all.

In fact, Baby Parsons seems to think this is just another day. Despite the excitement and high hopes everyone around them has pinned on this red-circled calendar date  Baby Parsons is unfazed amidst all the activity. Which reminds me that never again will my life be able to be planned neatly. Baby will do as baby does and I will have very little say in those activities for quite some time.

Due dates are great on the one hand, they allow you to set up a finish line. Something you sometimes need desperately at different points in pregnancy when tensions run high and mood swings swing higher. A due date gives you, and your husband, a spot to focus on. “Don’t worry, honey,” he’ll say, “In 37 days you’ll be able to sit on the couch without a tiny foot in your rib cage.” And you’ll think, oh yes 37 days, I can last 37 days that’s not so bad. But 37 days is a rough estimate, it could be 27 days.. or 47. The swing of which is mostly up to the little human who has said foot wedged under your rib cage.

Gandalf the Grey. Come on, who doesn't like a great wizard?! Reliably scruffy, down to earth and unusually, relateable. A great character!

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early, but arrives precisely when he means to.” -Gandalf

I can say, with a fair degree of certainty, that thanks to modern medicine Baby Parsons will be here before February. My Doctor won’t let me go more than a week beyond my due date, which happens to be the 31st of January. So even though my due date is here and Baby Parsons seems completely content to roll around in here forever, I can rest easy (LOL you can’t “rest easy” at 40 weeks) knowing that there is a steadfast light at the end of the tunnel. One that isn’t reliant on the little person headbutting my bladder.

First lesson of parenthood is being learned already; my timeline and schedule matters not at all to this new little human, the whole world revolves around them. Despite the use of my and my husband’s best negotiation tactics Baby Parsons retains their stubborn resolve to not choose a birthday.

Hold strong, other women on or past their due date, eventually that little stubborn miracle will have to come out. It’s literally impossible for them to stay in there forever.


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