Out to dinner with baby

Friday night my husband and I decided to go out to dinner. With a new baby, and a fairly strict pumping schedule this is not an easy task. We got the timing right though and went out to eat. My husband wore the baby in a carrier so I could eat hands free.

It was so nice to simply be out in the world. I ordered a burger and it was tasty, and it was nice to be able to eat the whole thing without having to stop and feed someone else or change a diaper. (Joejoe was fast asleep in his carrier) I even had a second glass of wine! Even though I knew it meant “pumping and dumping” when we got home. But, as my husband said, sometimes you need to have a little fun.

Joejoe woke up after I finished my burger but he didn’t cry. Since I was done with everything but my fries I took him out of his carrier to hold him for a minute so he could look around. While looking around he filled his diaper so I got up to go change him. Only to find I had poop on my lap.

Well luckily we had a small pile of paper napkins that my husband used to wipe baby poop off my jeans before I paraded it through the restaurant. Went to the bathroom and changed him, then put him back in the carrier.

All things considered it was a nice evening out. I got to have dinner with my husband, two (gasp) glasses of wine, and while I got pooped on there was no screaming. It was fun, and now we know that if baby is fed and changed that he’s a content little man. And there’s nothing better than that.


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