Wine review: LaPosta Pizzella Malbec

Way back in 2016 I was gifted this lovely malbec for my birthday. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to enjoy it before getting pregnant with my son. It has been patiently waiting in my wine fridge ever since. Well, last night my husband and I finally got a chance to indulge in a little … Continue reading Wine review: LaPosta Pizzella Malbec


My house is post partum too

Brace yourself, I'm about to show you what my house looks like on a random Thursday. Boom. That's right, it's a disaster. It looks like a small tornado has gone through it. My tiny tornados name is JoeJoe. In fairness JoeJoe didn't actually create any of this mess. But, he is the reason it's still … Continue reading My house is post partum too