Three Hours

All I need is three hours.

If you’d have asked me before I had my baby how much time I needed to get something done I would have given you some arbitrary number. Now? Three hours. It doesn’t matter what it is, I can save the world in three hours.

What took so long before was the fact that I had leisure time. I had plenty of time to make decisions, analyze scenarios, patoodle around. Since baby boy arrived on the scene I don’t have such luxuries.  I need to get in, get out, get it done-ten minutes ago.

So errand running with baby is done in three hours because that’s his full tummy/happy camper window between feedings.

I’m quicker, I walk faster, I’m more decisive. People might be offended now because I don’t play that “oh where do you want to eat?” game.

Me- “Where do you want to eat?”

Them- “Oh, I don’t know, where do you want to eat?”

Me-“Torchy’s Tacos”

And moving on… baby and I do not have time to waste, to fiddle-fart around. The longer we wait, the higher the chance a screaming baby or diaper blowout will make this outing difficult.

If he does cry, or poops all up his back, have no fear. I am super mom here to save the day. Give me 5 minutes to change him or 10 to feed him and we can be back on our way.

The key to moving around in this world with baby is preparation. You should generally assume baby is going to be hungry and poop all over their clothes every time you go out. Always take a back up bottle, diapers, wipes, and outfit.

Another vital but of planning, how much can you get done at one stop? Grocery store in the same strip mall as Target, Starbucks, and the car wash? That’s the one you want. The car seat dance takes up valuable time, minimize it.

The key for me though was decisiveness. No wavering, I make decisions hella quick now. Which I consider a major improvement, I now realize how much time people waste questioning their decisions. That’s not me anymore I know what I want, what I need, and what is best for baby. It’s so nice, nothing is better than making decisions easily and quickly and moving on with life with my new little man.


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