7 Tips to get rid of stuff.

I went through my closet today. I still have clothes in my closet from high school, Seniors 2010! I still have stuff from college, Go Mavs! I have stuff that’s too short, too big, old, torn, worn out, covered in paint, and “I might need this someday” stuff. I’ve somehow managed to form some weird sentimental attachment to clothes, which makes them super difficult to get rid of. (Honestly, getting rid of my childhood stuffed animals was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to get rid of. If your kid wants a giant stuffed dog though, I still have Coconut.)

Here’s my tips on how to get rid of clothes that you’re holding onto for that mythical “someday” when you’ll wear them again.
1. Get a box, any size, and declare that you will fill it with clothes to get rid of. Then do just that. Best start with a small box and work your way up.
2. Get a tote, a small one, and declare you will only keep sentimental clothes that fit in it. Because, I don’t know about you but I have a shirt for every year I did every sport. 3 Track, 4 Basketball, 3 Volleyball, 5 Summer camps, 2 Senior shirts. That’s 17 shirts, I don’t need 17 shirts from 8+ years ago. I kept the 2 senior shirts, and one particularly favorite Volleyball one.
3. Turn all the hangers in your closet backwards, and turn them back around once you’ve worn that item. If, after a year, you haven’t turned it back around it means you haven’t worn it and in all likelihood never will. (Exceptions include wedding dresses)
4. If you’re at a size you’re happy with try everything in your closet on, discard what is too big or too small.
5. Did you recently move climate zones? Say, Nebraska to Texas? You probably don’t need four winter coats, and 12 hoodies anymore. Keep the best one or two and donate the rest. Same goes for winter hats, gloves, boots, and scarves.
6.Enlist your significant other and/or honest friend. Try on your dresses, twirl, then have said person put them in one of two piles: keep or donate. That way your husband doesn’t have to risk your wrath by saying something is too small, he just slides it into the donate pile. Accept this judgement without getting angry, you asked for help.
7. Go through socks and underwear. Holes, mismatched, tears, rips, or worn spots are all signs your underthings are ready for retirement. (toss these, don’t donate)
8. Reward yourself. Tell yourself for every article you get rid of you get $1 toward a new wardrobe. Fifteen old things now because one brand new thing, ah retail therapy.

Now, take your box of old clothes you don’t need anymore and donate them to people who do.
For women in Houston.
For general items donate to Goodwill

For general items donate to the Salvation Army

For kiddos in Houston


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