My house is post partum too

Brace yourself, I’m about to show you what my house looks like on a random Thursday.


That’s right, it’s a disaster. It looks like a small tornado has gone through it. My tiny tornados name is JoeJoe. In fairness JoeJoe didn’t actually create any of this mess. But, he is the reason it’s still messy.
Pinterest is a dirty liar it doesn’t matter how prepared you are or how many label makers you have, after a baby all that organization and cleanliness goes right out the window. Before the house was always clean, spick and span ready for the Queen’s visit. Now, it’s a cluttered jumble of mail and baby bottles.

Your cleaning priorities change drasticly after the arrival of a baby. My number one priority is now him, and keeping him happy and clean and fed. After him, comes me and ensuring I let myself shower and eat. Because if I don’t take of myself, how can I take care of my little man? That shift in priorities, (and lack of free time), translate into a more cluttered and less vacuumed abode, and I’m cool with that.

This messy house is the physical manifestation of me focusing on what really matters. Every day I now have a choice whether to do the dishes or play patty cake. Do I sing Old MacDonald or vacuum? I always choose my son, afterall he’s only little for a little while and I plan to enjoy it.

Previously I posted about how I can do anything in three hours, how having a baby has made me more efficient and effective. Well, I have learned to clean my entire house in three hours. My husband watches the baby and I tie my hair up, turn on the Garth Brooks and get to work. When the timer goes off I’m done, so I have to move quickly and prioritize.

To all you new moms who see thise super organized nurseries and houses on Pinterest and get discouraged you’re not handling the “mom thing” fear not! Those posts are liars and I guarantee if you walked into those houses on a random Thursday it would look a lot like yours and mine.


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