Wine review: LaPosta Pizzella Malbec

Way back in 2016 I was gifted this lovely malbec for my birthday. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to enjoy it before getting pregnant with my son. It has been patiently waiting in my wine fridge ever since. Well, last night my husband and I finally got a chance to indulge in a little stay-in date night.

This wine is quite delicious, I would highly recommend it. As far as malbecs go it’s sweet, with a very pronounced berry flavor. The finish is also not nearly as dry as the majority of other malbecs. I’d say this one would be a good introduction into malbecs for those who don’t typically like dry wine but need something more robust than a sauvignon blanc to go with their dinner.

The wine itself has a beautiful, rich color. A hint of purple in the deep red, almost like blackberry juice. The nose is full of berry, and so is the taste. The finish is sweet and only moderately dry which was pleasantly surprising.

LaPosta wines are differentiated based on the growers who supply the grapes. This particular one was made using grapes grown by the Pizzella family, hence the Pizzella across the label. The Pizzellas are Physical Education teachers who manage their vineyard with the help of their three children. After drinking this wine you can almost taste the hard work and dedication this family puts into their grapes.

Retailing at 16 (ish) dollars a bottle the LaPosta Pizzella family version of a Malbec is the perfect quality introduction into Malbecs. Personally, I’d love to have the time to enjoy several glasses of this. Malbec typically pairs with lean cuts of steak as well as pork, and manchengo cheese. I’d say this particular variety could pair well with dark chocolate for dessert.

Please enjoy responsibly.


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