Parenting: Surviving a Cold

Recently I had the misfortune of developing a head cold. While normally a couple days of fluids and some sleep would fix me right up I now have a baby. A baby who still wakes up a couple times a night. Thus making my usual cold remedy impossible. 

My cold was one of those stuffed up stuffy nose monsters that comes out of nowhere and snatches your ability to breathe out of your nose. Chapped lips, red nose, foggy thinking. I was a mess, and I couldn’t just sleep and eat soup. I had a small human to take care of. A small human who didn’t know I was sick, and had his own pressing needs. He had no idea I needed to sleep and that if he could just eat quickly and go back to sleep we’d all be better. 

 I muddled through each day. I pumped, made bottles, changed diapers, and tried to stay awake long enough to feed him. I felt terrible as he wiggled on the floor during tummy time, because I just couldn’t play. I had the ability to meet his basic needs, but I couldn’t mentally function beyond that. So, he laid there on the floor and entertained himself. 

What made me feel worse was right when I started to feel better he came down with the exact same thing. Now my poor baby was sneezing and coughing. Luckily I was mostly better and could cuddle and console him. He was fussy because he was uncomfortable but didn’t understand why. All he wanted was to be held and sleep, so I did. Listening to him sniffle and cough at night was the toughest part. I barely slept for three days while he got over the worst of it.

Now, he’s on the mend and I’m almost 100%. I’m taking the time to make up for my three days of social neglect and play with and read to him as much as possible. Honestly, I don’t think he even noticed and those three days aren’t going to affect him in the long run. It just made mommy feel guilty, and mommy guilt is the worst.


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