Five Generations

A new little human is a huge blessing, a wonderful little mixture of two people created out of an abundance of love. But it took way more than two people falling in love for any baby to be here. It took you and your partner, your parents, your grandparents, your grandparents parents and on and on. Plus, the exact same about of chance and luck on your partners side of the tree. It’s quite remarkable really.

On our recent trip back to my home state we got the wonderfully rare opportunity to take not one, but two, 5 generations photos. My son is blessed to have two Great-great-grandparents, as well as seven great-grandparents, and four grandparents. That’s 13 living grandparents. 

So, back in the good ol’ Midwest we met some of them. 

Here we have my baby boy with his Great-great-grandma Robbie. She’ll be 90 this June, and I can’t even tell you how excited she was to get to hold this little guy. I imagine for her it’s rather unbelievable. I’m sure she expected to see grandchildren, but I imagine when I came along  (great-grandchild) she was probably so amazed. Not that many people have great-grandchildren afterall. But then, to see me grow up, get married, and have my own child? I dare say she was flabbergasted, blessed and thankful, but also utterly surprised. When I told her she would be a Great-great-grandma she kept saying, “I am not, I am not.” Simply because I don’t think she ever believed in her wildest dreams she would be. 

Of course to complement this photo we have the whole five generations.

Then we headed over to where my Great-grandpa Pearl lives and showed him his new great-great-grandson.

He was beside himself as well, I wish I’d have asked him what he was thinking when he held JoeJoe.

Yet another five generations in a photo. My Grandpa Pearl will be 96 in July. 

Five generations, how amazing is that?


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