Wine Review: Estancia

I’m not entirely sure where I got this bottle but I can tell you that whoever purchased it, whether it was me or someone else, did a very nice job. This bottle retails for somewhere around $25. 

First of all let me preface this by saying I’m not a complete newbie when it comes to wine. But this time out of the wine fridge I completely forgot to let my red breathe before I tried it, a grievous mistake let me assure you, as this wine is brilliant at the proper temperature.

It’s light and floral and could go with steak or a heartier fish. I wouldnt describe it as sweet, but it is easy on the palette. It is a blended wine, but I often prefer blended wines. I think blending your wines allows you to pick the best attributes of several different varietals and create a “best of both worlds” wine.

Honestly, this wine was pleasant. Simple and delicious. Just a nice sipping wine. It would be perfect in the fall or early spring when it’s a little colder outside and you could sit and sip and read a good book. I would definitely purchase it again. 


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