Brewery Review: Bakfish


From left to right the Goat Roper Porter, All Y’all Texas Ale, Duo Rodeo Star Cider.

I learned about Bakfish brewing at an event held at a Deer Park, TX HEB. Bakfish was there giving out samples of their brews. Since what they had for samples was so good, and they said their brewery taproom was family friendly we decided to stop by one weekend to see what it was all about.

Inside the taproom

The taproom was clean, very clean. Which was nice because I absolutely hate it when I walk in somewhere and there are glasses or napkins on tables and everything is sticky. Outside there were people playing giant jenga and cornhole and inside there were plenty of board games to keep everyone in the room entertained.

The list of brews currently available

The environment was friendly, like you were spending the afternoon in a buddy’s backyard. It wasn’t too loud, and there was plenty of seating. We took our 5 month old and while he was the only baby there it wasn’t weird. It’s a relaxed and easy going atmosphere.


They’ve got a fun way for you to try their beers. You purchase three tokens and a souvenir glass for $12. Two of the tokens can be used only on a specific list of beers, and the last one can be used on anything they’ve got. It cuts down on credit cards, leaving the tab open, and all that jazz.

The Space City Spudz food truck was parked outside when we visited. We got three orders of their loaded fries, which were awesome. Then we ordered their wings, which were hands down the best wings I have ever had. Plus the serving size was enormous. They were not messing around with food, which I appreciated. It was the perfect food to go along with the beer.

All in all I had a great afternoon hanging out at Bakfish. It’s a great little spot with awesome beer and great people. And if Space City Spudz is parked outside you know the food is going to be awesome too.


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