Pennsylvania Adventures

Pittsburgh, PA. The city of bridges, and rivers, and smokestacks. Once a bustling, albeit filthy, center for steel and coal this city is doing its best to put the dust and soot behind while holding onto the hardworking, blue collar integrity of it’s people.  Personally, I think they’re doing well. Given the stories I’ve heard of how black the rivers and sky used to be the city has obviously taken great strides in cleaning up it’s environmental footprint. The people here though, are still the same hard working, kind folks that settled the Steel City. Plus, the food is that good stick-to-your-bones type of stuff you can only find in a hard working town. 

Down on the infamous Strip District there’s tons of food, shops, and black and gold merchandise. Pittsburgh fans are dedicated, every sports team they’ve got is black and gold. It’s great, black and gold are always in style here. We ate at Peppi’s, home to the famous  #7 Roethlis “burger”. I felt like I gained 10lbs just looking at my sandwich. 

Overlooking Heinz Field

Overlooking the city are several lookouts that provide breathtaking views of the compact metropolis. From up here you can truly see why they call it “the city of bridges”. 

A small stream in Beaver, PA

Beaver County is a dry county, thus the main street of Beaver, PA is dotted with small shops and restaurants as opposed to being filled with bars. 

The almost hidden entrance to Two Rivers olive oil

A speciality olive oil and balsamic vinegar shop is not something you would think would do well in a small town like Beaver, but this little place thrives. I had no idea there were so many types of balsamic vinegar available in the world. You can even taste nearly everything in the store. Although the olive oil side is much easier on the pallette.

So many balsamic vinegars

This funky little donut shop was dedicated to its groovy theme. And the donuts were far-out, I would recommend a stop in there if you’re ever in town and craving something sweet.

Pennsylvania, at least the western side, is a great place to visit. And beautiful as can be. The many rivers and small mountains/large hills that fill the landscape are wonderful. It feels secluded and tranquil tucked back away in the hills and life moves at a slower pace than the hustle and bustle of Houston. Which is so relaxing. If you’re looking for a different sort of vacation, try Pittsburgh and explore the surrounding towns too. It’s all a great adventure. 


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