Visiting Senoia, GA

A poster in The Waking Dead coffee Shop.

Senioa, GA is that lovely scenic small town you see in all the movies. Partly because you’ve actually seen it in movies. It is just as quaint and adorable in person as it appears, except that right now it’s thoroughly zombie themed.

The Walking Dead is filmed in, and around this small Georgia town. The town has embraced the celebrity status with a gift shop, walking dead themed coffee shop, as well as a walking tour.

This is a tour group, and in front of them you can see the walls of Alexandria.

Alexandria, which has been home to our main cast for a couple seasons now, is actually only about a block off of main street. And not secluded in the wilderness as the fantastic camera angles would have you believe.

Main street of Senoia

The main street of Senoia, and all the store fronts on it, is also the town of Woodbury from season three.


We didn’t bother with the walking tour for a couple reasons. (It’s $25 a person, 2 1/2 hours long, and we could see everything they pointed out for free) but if you’re a dedicated fan the trivia might be worth it.  We’re only casual fans so just being able to see Alexandria and Woodbury was cook enough for us.

Cars from the show parked in front of Alexandria. We visited after filming had wrapped so they packed up for the winter.

The entrance into Alexandria

A shot of the street leading to the entrance

The gate to Alexandria is down a short road, that’s flanked on either side by the Senoia Garden center.  So, no, it is not isolated at all.

Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus own this restuarant in Senoia.

We ate at Nic and Norman’s, and it was pretty neat. The food is good, but not fancy. It’s your standard delicious burgers and comfort food, but spiced up with a signature sauce. The walls are also lined with photos taken by Norman Reedus. And of course, there’s a little section to buy some Walking Dead gear.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and you’ve got the time I’d take the drive. As a fan it’s neat to see how all that Hollywood magic works. Plus this little town was actually the sight of a couple other recognizable titles including the new Footloose, and Driving Miss Daisy. The town itself is also cute, the people are nice, the drive beautiful (we went in November so the leaves had changed), and the food is tasty.


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