MLK day

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. day, and all day people from all walks of life quoted him, celebrated his legacy and spoke of his deeds. But today is not MLK day, it is not a special day and that is more dangerous. Growing up I had a pastor who used to say, "The most … Continue reading MLK day


Christmas with Baby

Our son was 11 months old on Christmas day and it was perfect. While it's obvious he didn't understand what we were doing or why he got new toys he did thoroughly enjoy all the boxes and wrapping paper.  There hasn't been a little kid in either of our families in many years, our youngest … Continue reading Christmas with Baby

Dealing with Customer Service: Brica Carseat bag addition

These are pictures of two tears that happened along the seams of our carseat travel bag. While the whole purpose of this bag is to get beat up so the car seat stays nice I was disappointed in the construction of the bag. These aren't tears cause by the airport baggage handlers, these are poor … Continue reading Dealing with Customer Service: Brica Carseat bag addition